Why teach global competence? Global competence is more than geographic literacy; it is the ability to think critically about any subject in a global context. For our students, this translates into making real-world connections in the classroom.
Why should your child learn a foreign language? Learning a foreign language will allow your child to step boldly into the future. Our young leaders achieve a greater level of proficiency and as adults enjoy better career prospects and a higher standard of living.
We offer the Cooperative Agreement with the Government of Spain CML Spanish students explore the humanities, sciences, language and literature following the Spanish curriculum.
Empowering our students through social-emotional learning and character development Our belief is that the missing piece in education is social and emotional learning (SEL). Through MindUp™ students learn mindfulness practices to self-regulate behavior, reduce stress, develop attention, and create a sense of well being critical for school, work, and life.

STEM Education Experiences = Education for Global Leadership The world presents inexhaustible opportunities for our children if they are prepared with the knowledge, skills, awareness, sensitivity, and attitudes to address global challenges.

Our Staff

Meet the dedicated administrative staff of North Dade Center for Modern Languages

Principal, Dr. Maria Castaigne

Assistant Principal, Ms. Donna Pieze

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Curriculum Overview

Our CML scholars receive a high quality and rigorous standards based curricula that includes instruction in world languages and integrates international content into all curriculum areas.

The school's motto, "Preparing Global Thinkers for a Multicultural World," represents the school community's educational philosophy.

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Magnet Overview

Magnet programs offer unique courses of study focusing on students' special interests, talents, and abilities.

At CML, we offer a foreign language and international studies program. What's different about our program is that we are a full magnet school.

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Welcome to North Dade Center for the Modern Languages

As we start a new school year, we want to welcome back our existing students and welcome the new students to our international family!

Welcome! Bienvenue! ¡Bienvenido! to CML, and thank you for your interest in our school community. We are pleased you are considering CML for your child's education. We are celebrating our 26th year as an International Studies Magnet elementary school. Our young scholars receive world-class instruction that educates the whole child. We develop in our students the concepts of citizenship they will need to compete successfully and work collaboratively with their peers across the globe. Our curriculum is well rounded and provides our scholars the opportunity to become multilingual and multi-literate as well as integrating history, civics, and the arts throughout the school day. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work together!

Latest School Information

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Student Handbook

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