What is a magnet program?

Magnet programs offer unique courses of study focusing on students' special interests, talents, and abilities. At CML, we offer a foreign language and international studies program. What's different about our program is that we are a full magnet school. All of our young scholars are selected to be at our school. Only qualified applicants are entered into a random selection lottery.

Why choose our magnet school?

Your child will gain an early competitive edge by learning another language and culture. From an early age, CML students cultivate an appreciation of diversity as they learn to study and communicate in a multicultural learning environment. Scholars' creativity and motivation to study are increased through our wonderful program and caring teachers. Plus, as a parent, you will be happy to learn that CML is a friendly, nurturing, and loving environment for you and your child. Our teachers are highly qualified and dedicated to providing you and your child with an outstanding educational experience. Be prepared because we do have high expectations of our young scholars and parents, which equal high performance.

The "magnet focus" is foreign language/international education. The program includes an accredited cooperative agreement with the government of Spain that integrates international curriculum in all core areas with an emphasis on critical thinking skills, problem-solving and culture. The program ensures our young scholars get a well-rounded, world class education that allows them to compete successfully with their peers across the globe.

Who should come to CML?

Our young scholars are …

students who have a strong commitment to our program
students who are highly motivated to learn a second language
students who can handle an academically rigorous environment
students who can spend an extra hour learning each day